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The Office of the General Auditor of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California currently has two (2) Principal Auditor positions available. These positions are located at Metropolitan’s Headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

The Principal Auditor serves as a technical expert and manages audit projects within an area. This may include: Audit Planning, Audit Field Work and Audit Reporting. Responsibilities include leading projects that review and appraise the adequacy of internal accounting and administrative control systems for compliance with policies and procedures and applicable laws and regulations. You will work on establishing effective relationships with Audit clients and work on Audit Planning; understanding the risk and controls and developing risk and control assessment documents. 

You will ensure work papers are prepared in compliance with department standards and maintained in the electronic work paper system. Ensure audit work achieves established objectives and is in compliance with department procedures and professional standards issued by The Institute of Internal Auditors.

In addition, as a Principal Auditor you will perform Audit Field work including testing, analysis, and evaluation, where you will develop sound conclusions regarding the internal control structure including recommendations.

This will also include communicating with audit clients to discuss preliminary audit results. The draft audit report will include audit opinions, comments, and recommendations.

1. Plans audit work; performs audit field work; reads documentation and interviews system owners, managers, and users to flow chart key system processes; develops audit planning documents according to Metropolitan standards; and develops audit program and field work plan with other auditors or principal auditors and reviews program with Assistant General Auditor. 

2. Plans audit projects; participates in project planning to gain an understanding of Metropolitan’s key initiatives; oversees auditor efforts in performing control and risk assessments of policies, procedures, processes, and computer systems to improve and support Metropolitan’s business and operational requirements; and coordinates the work to be performed with all levels of management.

3. Organizes and manages the field work phase of projects; trains and counsels auditors on optimum ways to perform audits; assists auditors in gathering and analyzing data, assists in evaluating risk management efforts, and evaluates control and governance processes established by management; and reviews the quality of auditor work to ensure that fieldwork, audit testing, documentation of conclusions is in compliance with department standards and conforms with professional standards.

4. Provides lead direction and develops findings and recommendations; meets with clients to verify and discuss results; and provides overall opinion to client.

5. Monitors disposition of results communicated to management; and ensures management actions have been effectively implemented or that senior management has accepted the risk without action required.

6. Develops and reports audit opinion and comments and recommendations; reviews findings with client and compiles final report; and prepares and presents results of audits to management as required.

7. Prepares reports of audit opinion and comments and recommendations that will be used to report status to the Audit Committee and to the Board of Directors by the General Auditor.

8. Participates in the development and documentation of policies and procedures, annual audit work plan, quarterly reporting of plan status; and monitors work activities to ensure compliance with established standards and procedures.

9. May provide input in the performance evaluation of auditors as requested; assists in development and revision of audit policies, procedures, and standards; and assists in the development of the annual audit work plan of projects.

10. Assists in the preparations of audit presentations as requested.

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